About Sleep Swami

About Sleep Swami


Sleep Swami is the initiative of a small team of sleep enthusiasts and experts who wanted to bring the latest in the sleep industry to its readers. We cover the latest news, reviews, trends, and more related to the sleep industry. With our platform, we want to educate people and help them to choose the right sleeping products. When thousands of sleeping products are foraying on the market every month, the end-users find difficulty to choose right bedding products.

Mattress Reviews and Comparisons

We review all the major mattresses available on the market and provide independent and reliable opinions about each mattress. At Sleep Swami, we sleep on each mattress we review for a few weeks to test to see if the mattress is a good.

While reviewing each mattress, we try to address the features readers care about most. The features we have noticed to be the important are motion transfer, firmness, bounce, temperature transfer, off-gassing, and a few more. We focus on providing genuine opinions and greater insights about each product.

Additionally, we make a comparison between various mattresses. We compare mattresses with quality, durability, price factor, comfortableness, cool sleep capabilities, motion transfer, and more. We also give accurate ratings for each mattress to help our readers to make an informed decision while choosing a mattress best suited for their needs.

Sheet Reviews

We also cover various bed sheets available on the market and provide comprehensive reviews to help our readers. A large majority of people think that selecting any bed sheet is fine as far as the right mattress is selected, which is untrue. Sheets are making direct contact with your skin, so you not only want them to be soft, you’d want them to be eco friendly as well.

We evaluate each bed sheet by personally using them and consider the factors such as wrinkling after wash, price, the type of fabric, and more.

Promotional Coupons

We collaborate with some bedding companies to offer promotional coupons to our readers.

At Sleep Swami we want to provide detailed reviews to our consumers so that they can make a more informed decision all while purchasing their mattress at the best price point.


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