Nectar vs Purple

Nectar Mattress Vs. Purple Mattress Comparison

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Nectar Mattress

Purple 2-4 Mattress
Comfort Level Medium Firm Medium (Customizable)
Price (Queen) $850 $1599 – $2799
Price Range $550 -$950 $1299-$3499
Trial Period 365 Days 100 Days
Warranty Lifetime 10 Years
Sleeping Cool 4.9/5 4.5/5
Motion Transfer 4.5/5 4/5
Height 11” Mattress 11” – 13″ Mattress
Construction 1 in. gel memory foam;
3 in. memory foam;
1.75 in. memory foam;
5.25 in. support foam
Purple® Smart Comfort Grid™;
7.5” Responsive Support Coils;
2-4-inch Purple® grid layer
Back Sleeper
Side Sleeper
Stomach Sleeper
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Who has not heard of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”? We know how Goldilocks tried all the beds before she found the little bear’s bed “just right” for her.

If you do not find the mattress that is “just right” for you, you are bound to be sleep deprived. Research says that more than 73 million Americans are sleep deprived. This may lead to loss of focus, and loss of productivity.

Though the solution to fix sleep deprivation is as simple as finding the right mattress, how simple is the process really?

With dozens of mattresses in the market, a consumer is bound to get confused. Here’s our review on two of the brands: Nectar and Purple.

This may help you finally choose the mattress that can give you a “deep and rested sleep.”

Overview:The Nectar and Purple Mattresses

The Nectar is a pure memory foam mattress. It has several layers of high-density memory foam, to give you the comfort, support and sleep you require. Though it entered the mattress industry recently, it has created ripples with its 365-day trial period and Forever Warranty.

The Purple mattress has 20+ years of science and research, to back its technology of mattress production. The integration of 15 patents of advanced cushioning has led to the Purple mattress, which may be the mattress you have been looking for.

Here’s a quick comparison between the two.



So, how can the different layers of both the mattresses help you?

The Nectar mattress with its layers of memory foam can give you good support and pressure relief.

The Purple mattress with its unique design not only supports the body but also helps you sleep “cooler” than most other mattresses.

Purple’s Uniqueness

The Purple Smart Comfort Grid is made of hyper-elastic polymer. The company has over 30 patents to prove that this technology is the only new innovation in the mattress industry, in the last 4 decades.

Because of its elastic nature, and the grid design, this layer provides comfort and relieves pressure. It also allows for free air circulation, thereby allowing you to sleep cool.

The company offers 3 different variants of this Purple Smart Comfort grid.

The 2-inch Purple grid is for people who want a firm mattress, mostly back sleepers.

The 3″ smart comfort grid is for people who love medium firmness. It is also good for people who shift positions in their sleep a lot.

The 4″ smart comfort grid is for people who prefer soft mattresses, side sleepers.

Purple is made from food grade material. It is completely non-toxic, as it does contain chemicals in it.

Nectar’s Specialty

The Nectar mattress comes with a 365-day trial and a “Forever” warranty. You can try your mattress through all 4 seasons. The Nectar mattress was named one of the best mattresses in 2017.


Nectar Mattress Size Dimensions Weight
Twin 39″x75″x11″ 45 lbs
Twin XL 39″x80″x11″ 47 lbs
Full 54″x75″x11″ 60 lbs
Queen 60″x80″x11″ 70 lbs
King 76″x80″x11″ 89 lbs
Cal King 72″x84″x11″ 89 lbs
Purple Mattress Size Dimensions* Purple2 Weight Purple3 Weight Purple4 Weight
Twin XL 39″x80″x11″ 77 lbs 91 lbs 105 lbs
Queen 60″x80″x11″ 122 lbs 145 lbs 168 lbs
King 76″x80″x11″ 149 lbs 176 lbs 204 lbs
Cal King 72″x84″x11″ 148 lbs 175 lbs 202 lbs

*Purple3 mattress height is 12″ & Purple4 mattress height is 13″.

Firmness Scale

The Nectar mattress averages at around 5.5-6 in firmness. This makes it a medium-firm mattress, suitable for most people. It provides deep contouring, compression, support, and may relieve pressure from many areas like the hips and shoulders.

The Purple also averages at 6-6.5, making it a medium-firm mattress. However, for people who are very light, this mattress may feel a bit more firm, as the compression is less. The Purple mattress provides good pressure relief and may be suitable for all sleeper types.

  • Nectar Mattress Firmness – Medium Firm 58.5%
  • Purple Mattress Firmness – Medium 62.5%
  • Industry Average 62.5%
  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Very Firm

Both mattresses are good in providing support and keeping motion-transfer to a minimum. So, you won’t turn and toss, when your partner moves in bed.


The Nectar and Purple mattresses are different in several aspects.
Their construction, thickness, materials, manufacturing, and pricing are all different.

The Nectar is good for relieving pressure and providing comfort. Its 11″ mattress is ideal for people who love the memory foam feel. While using special technology to regulate temperature, Nectar has also kept durability in mind.
The layers of high-dense memory foam may help the mattress last longer. The 365-day trial and the “Forever” warranty also speak volumes about the company’s faith in its product.
The Purple mattress uses its patented Hyper-elastic polymer to regulate temperature. This 9.5″ mattress is ideal for people who want to sleep cool. It may also be ideal for sleepers of any type. It provides excellent temperature regulation, good support, and comfort, leading to good sleep.

Foam+Coil Hybrid: $1299-$3499



Free bedding accessory on any Purple mattress

Gel Memory Foam: $550-$950



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