Casper Mattress Review

Foam: $595-$1150


Casper was one of the earlier adopters to the online mattress industry. Their first month in business they sold 1 million dollars worth of mattresses.

  • Mattress Construction- 5/5 100%
  • Firmness Level – 3/5 60%
  • Cooling/motion transfer – 4.8/5 96%
  • Trial period/price – 3.8/5 76%


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Casper, makers of the famed Casper mattresses, was established in 2014 by Philip Krim. The company makes four-layered mattresses made of memory foam. The hardness of the mattress varies from medium to firm. However, the USP of Casper is ensuring consumers get access to high-quality Casper bed made in the US without having to go through middlemen. As a result, the Casper mattress is affordable and is much cheaper than its competitors. The company is proud of its beginnings when it spent months testing different materials to create the perfect mattresses for sleepers. Finally, Casper realized that it was best to choose a hybridized mix of two proprietary materials in the four layers. You will find that its firm mattress is just right and ensures optimal sleep even on warm, humid days. Above all, you can purchase the Casper mattress for as little as $595 and sleep like a baby!

Casper Bed Review

The Casper mattress has four layers of foam, making the mattress approximately 10 inches thick. Casper mattress materials are as follows –


  1. Top Layer (Poly Foam) – This layer is 1.5 inches thick and consists of responsive poly foam that keeps you cool and comfortable. It also offers the right support to every contour of your body and is hypoallergenic.
  2. Second Layer (Memory Foam) – This layer too, is 1.5 inches thick.  Besides providing you the right support while you are supine, it also ensures optimal pressure relief. The memory foam is positioned directly below the poly foam to prevent heat retention. This layer has a density of 4.0 PCF.
  3. Third Layer (Support Foam) – This layer comprises of transitional poly foam that is 1.5 inches thick. With a density of 2.5 PCF, it helps to ease you into the base foam effortlessly.
  4. Base Layer (Support Foam) – The bottom layer is 5-inch thick and is made out of poly foam. This is the foundational foam of the Casper mattress and comes with a density of 1.8 PCF.


  1. The Casper bed is shipped directly from the manufacturer to your doorstep in a box with dimensions of 19 inches x 19 inches x 42 inches. The mattress is compressed, and vacuum sealed, and all you have to do is remove it from the box and unroll it onto your bed. It will automatically assume its shape.
  2. A full-size mattress is about 72 pounds. Casper bed dimensions are 54 inches x 75 inches x 9.5 inches while the king-size mattress weighs 103 pounds and comes with dimensions of 76 inches x 80 inches x 9.5 inches.
  3. The Casper mattress model is the perfect blend of responsive polyfoam and memory foam that offers a contouring feel while sleeping. It ensures optimal support and comfort.
  4. The cover of the mattress is standard, with a single piece of white fabric covering the top and running from one edge to the other. The top cover has a soft touch to it, and is rather thin and stretchy. The border fabric comes from the US and Belgium and improves the longevity of the Casper mattress.
Casper Mattress layers

Firmness Level of the Casper Mattress

Casper mattress firmness is medium. It is designed to offer universal comfort regardless of your weight. The foam layers and other materials have been selected with the aim to meet the requirements of most sleepers, without having to worry about sore hip or stiff neck.

When it comes to firmness, I would rate it at 6, and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a medium firm mattress. The mattress is designed to accommodate a combined weight of 450 pounds. With 1.5 inches each of responsive polyfoam and memory foam, it may cause heavier sleepers to sink through these layers.

  • Casper mattress firmness – 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. 60%
  • 1 Very Soft
  • 5 Medium
  • 10 Very Firm

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High Levels of Coolness
The Casper mattress has a layer of memory foam below the layer of poly foam. This innovative design, makes the mattress sleep very cool and is perfect for those who live in warmer climates.

Type of Sleeper Ratings Based on Sleeping Preference
Back Sleeper 6
Side Sleeper 9
Stomach Sleeper 9

Casper Mattress Warranty and Trial Period

Casper Sleep Inc is so certain about the quality of the mattress that they offer a 10-year warranty on it. As long as you use the mattress according to the manufacturer’s recommendation, you can claim the warranty for workmanship flaws, sags, and material defect. We recommend that you use the Casper bed on a firm and flat surface for better comfort and support.

Casper mattress return policy states that if after 100 nights of trial, you are dissatisfied with the mattress, you can return it by calling the customer support. The company has a responsive customer support, and you will enjoy the service it provides.

Casper Mattress Prices

The mattress which is packed and shipped in Casper’s bed box is competitively priced and ensures quality, optimal support, and superior comfort. A Casper Queen mattress will cost you about $995 through Sleep Swami, and you can also enjoy free shipping on your Casper mattress.

Size Price Price with Sleep Swami Discount
Twin $595 $595
Twin XL $645 $645
Full $895 $895
Queen $995 $995
King $1195 $1195
California King $1195 $1195
Warranty – Lifetime | Trial Period – 100 nights

Casper Mattress Shipping
Order the Casper mattress online, and just relax as Sleep Swami will ensure free Casper mattress delivery within one to five days of placing your order. The entire process is simple and hassle-free. Just add the mattress to your cart, check and get the Casper bed in a box at your doorstep within no time! You can also look out for various Casper mattress deals on Sleep Swami before you order your mattress!

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Save $50 on any Casper mattress with code SLEEPWITHME

*Discount/promotion cannot be combined with any other offers.


  • Mattress Construction
  • Support Level
  • Cooling/Doesn't Sleep Hot
  • Motion Transfer
  • Off Gassing
  • Trial period
  • Affordability


The Casper mattress is a lot better than your average mattress. The Casper mattress has found the right balance between great edge support, but just the right amount of sink-age. Stomach sleepers will really like this mattress because of the firm feel & sink-age near the hips area. Side sleepers will really appreciate the edge support this mattress provides too. On the whole, the Casper mattress is rather good and is neither too firm nor too bouncy, and is certainly worth a try.

Casper Coupon:

Save $50 on any Casper mattress with code SLEEPWITHME

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