Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Series Mattress Review

 Foam Mattress: $899-$1998


Nest Bedding has been in the online mattress space since 2011, there approach is a bit different than other online companies, they have a blend of an online store with mattress showrooms.

  • Mattress Construction- 5/5 100%
  • Firmness Level – 3/5 60%
  • Cooling/motion transfer – 4.75/5 95%
  • Trial period/price – 3/5 60%


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Disclaimer: This review contains affiliate links, which means we receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For more details visit the disclosures page.

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Series Review

Nest Bedding isn’t a new name in the mattress industry. The company owned and operated by Joe Alexander has been selling premium quality mattresses, since 2011. The company sells its mattresses not only online, but also offline through their retail stores located in California, New York, Colorado, Chicago, Washington & Arizona.

Nest Bedding prides itself in making high quality mattresses in the USA. The Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Series is the most popular among the six different varieties of mattresses that the company sells. The Nest bedding mattress is made of poly and memory foam and provides exceptional support to the back and shoulders.

Alexander Mattress Construction

The Nest bedding uses 4 foam layers and a two-tone cover that is white on the top and gray on the sides. The white fabric on the top is made from polyester and is soft, stretchy, and porous. This makes it excellent from the cooling and breathability point of view. The mattress is available in varying firmness levels and is 13” thick.


  1. Top layer provides cooling and comfort – The top most layer of the Nest bedding is made of 4″ of gel memory foam that absorbs heat from the surface and disperses it through the bottom and sides of the mattress. It is also designed to provide excellent pressure relief and support to the user.
  2. 2nd layer provides support and comfort – The second layer is made of 1″ of viscous foam. This layer provides responsiveness, bounce, and cooling. This layer lies just under the gel memory foam and adds to the comfort and support of the mattress.
  3. 3rd layer acts as a transition layer – The third layer of the Alexander bedding is made of 2″ of transition foam. The foam provides additional support to the layers above it and also renders deep compression support for those with a bulky frame.
  4. Bottom layer acts as the foundation – The bottom most layer is made of 4″ of foam that acts as the foundation of the mattress and prevents it from bottoming out.

The details mentioned above are that of the medium firmness variant of the Alexander Nest bedding. You can also choose to buy the soft or firm options based on your preferences. The company also sells Nest bedding pillows that can be bought with the mattress and they are as comfortable as the mattress.

Firmness Level of the Alexander Mattress

The Nest Bedding Alexander mattress series comes in three different firmness levels. The medium is around a 6, and the firm option is at an 8.

  • Alexander Medium mattress – 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. 60%
  • Alexander Firm mattress – 8 out of 10 on the firmness scale. 80%
  • 1 Very Soft
  • 5 Medium
  • 10 Very Firm

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Nest Bedding’s medium firm mattress was a tad bit firmer than advertised. The firm variant, we felt was a little too firm, but may be a great option for those who like their mattress taut and firm. All in all, the Nest bedding signature series is a worthy buy!

Most users will prefer the medium variant, as it is the perfect combination of a firm mattress with a little bounce. However, most Nest bedding mattress reviews claim that the other variants are equally comfortable.

Nest Alexander Mattress Unique Features


The Nest Bedding Signature mattress is quite cooling. The top layer of the mattress has 4 inches of gel memory foam, which is a foam that runs cooler than most foams.

Motion Transfer

The motion transfer on the the Nest Bedding Signature mattress is nominal. Since you don’t sink in too much, motion transfer becomes limited. If motion transfer is a big concern for you, the Nest Bedding Signature mattress may be your best bet.

Nest Alexander Mattress Unique Features

No Smell/ Off-Gassing

Unlike the earlier versions, the latest Alexander mattresses have no off-gassing period and do not emit a new mattress smell. The company uses hygienic foam and innovative manufacturing practices that completely eliminate offensive odors. Most foam mattresses stop off gassing with in 48 hours this one is quite instant.

Balanced feel

As per Nest bedding alexander signature review, this is one of those very few mattresses on the market that does not lean too heavily in any direction. It strikes a perfect balance between bounce, comfort, and support. No matter which sleeping position you choose you should get the appropriate comfort and support.


Sinkage, like you already know is proportional to the sleeper’s weight as well as the firmness of the mattress. The medium variant has more sinkage than its firm counterpart but takes you in a comfortable embrace. The updated series has much better edge support than its predecessor. Even according to Nest bedding mattress reviews, the sinkage on this mattress is rather negligible. Overall we didn’t notice too much sinkage which was nice & the mattress recovers into it’s normal shape really fast.

Back Sleeper 7
Side Sleeper 8
Stomach Sleeper 8

Alexander Nest Bedding Warranty and Trial Period

Nest has gone out of the way to give its customers, nothing but the best. Unlike most other companies, Nest gives a lifetime warranty, on the mattress. The Nest bedding warranty applies only to the original buyer and covers manufacturing defects such as seams coming apart or permanent compression of the mattress that measures over 1 inch.

Try the mattress for 100 nights, and if you aren’t happy with the quality or sleep experience, you can return it for a full refund. The Nest bedding signature series or any other variant should be tried for at least 30 days on a proper base before you request for a replacement or refund. You will be asked to donate the mattress, and the refund will be issued the same day upon receipt of donation.

Nest Bedding Pricing

If you are on the lookout for a mattress that gives you the flexibility to choose from different firmness levels, the Nest bedding Alexander signatures series, is the best bet. It is economically priced and easily available online on stores such as Sleep Swami. Listed below is the prices for the various sizes. Enter the Sleep Swami discount code for a better price.

Size Price Price with Sleep Swami Discount
Twin $899 $799
Twin XL $999 $899
Full $1099 $999
Queen $1199 $1099
King $1399 $1299
California King $1399 $1299
Warranty – Lifetime | Trial Period – 100 nights

Alexander Mattress Shipping

Purchasing the Nest Mattress is rather simple and hassle free. These mattresses are hand made after the order is placed and can take about a week to reach your doorstep. Nest bedding offers free shipping.

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  • Mattress Construction
  • Support Level
  • Cooling/Doesn't Sleep Hot
  • Motion Transfer
  • Off Gassing
  • Trial period
  • Affordability


The Nest Bedding signature series mattress is a really well built mattress. It has great cooling & edge support. This plush and comfortable mattress scores high on comfort too. Every Nest bedding Alexander Signature Series review online will say the same. This is an exceptionally good mattress at an exceptional price and is a great choice for all sleepers. I would definitely recommend this mattress.

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Disclaimer: This review contains affiliate links, which means we receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For more details visit the disclosures page.

Alexander Coupon:

Save $100 on any Alexander mattress with code OMG100

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