Nest Latex Hybrid Mattress Review

Latex: $1299-$3999


Nest is a bedding and mattress company established in the year 2011. It delivers a low-overhead business model with well-trained individuals to help you in every aspect from product selection to efficient after-sale service.

  • Mattress Construction- 4.5/5 90%
  • Firmness- 4/5 80%
  • Cooling/motion transfer – 4.5/5 90%
  • Trial period/price – 3/5 60%


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Save $100 on any Nest Latex Hybrid mattress with code LATEX100

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Nest Bedding Latex Hybrid Review

Nest Bedding isn’t a new name in the mattress industry. The company owned and operated by Joe Alexander has been selling premium quality mattresses, since 2011. The company sells its mattresses not only online, but also offline through their retail store in San Francisco. Over the last few years, the company has also set up several brick and mortar stores in New York.

Nest Bedding Latex Hybrid Mattress Construction

The Nest bedding latex hybrid mattress has a 3 layer construction.


  • The top cover of the Nest Bedding mattress is made with organic cotton. The fabric is quilted to provide the mattress sufficient air circulation and to ensure cool sleep for the users.
  • Below the top cover, there is a 3” comfort layer that is 100% Talalay latex foam. It offers good bounce and creates an immediate response to pressure. The latex also produces good cooling effects for your comfortable sleep.
  • The third one is the support layer with 8” of pocketed coils. The coils are individually wrapped and limit the bounce and motion in particular regions. The separately wrapped coils leave space between each of them to ensure excellent airflow. The increased airflow also ensures an enhanced experience of cool sleep.
  • The bottom or the base layer is a 1” high-density poly foam. Interestingly, the layer works as the foundation to the bed and gives spring off to the pocketed coils in the supportive layer.

Firmness Level of the Nest Bedding Latex Hybrid Mattress

The Nest bedding latex hybrid mattress comes in two different firmness levels. The medium option scores a 5 on 10, the firm option is at 7.

  • Alexander Medium mattress – 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. 50%
  • Alexander Firm mattress – 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale. 70%
  • 1 Very Soft
  • 5 Medium
  • 10 Very Firm

Latex Hybrid Coupon:

Save $100 on any Nest Latex Hybrid mattress with code LATEX100

*Discount/promotion cannot be combined with any other offers.

The maker offers two firmness levels for its hybrid latex mattress: Medium and Firm. While the Medium mattress gives a 5 rating in a 1 to 10 firmness scale, the Firm mattress makes it 7.

While the Medium mattress is the choice for light and average weight people, the Firm mattress can be a good choice for people who have more weight as well as stomach sleepers. Even back sleepers and people who often change their positions during the sleep will find it useful as the pocketed coils and the latex give excellent lift-ups – never feel trapped in the bed.

Nest Alexander Mattress Unique Features

No Smell/ Off-Gassing

Since the product is made from latex, you can hardly get any gassing. You should note that all the components of the mattress are CertiPUR-US approved.


The support core of the mattress is created with 1.8 PCF high-density polyfoam base layer and pocket coils. The quilted cover and the latex foam ensures that you get absolute body alignment for a healthy life.

The mattress is an excellent option for the stomach sleepers as it ensures less body sinking and relieved pressure points. While coming to sinking, the pocketed coil system does a fantastic job and supports the firmness of the mattress with greater flexibility with respect to the size and weight of the person sleeping.

Edge Support

The pocketed coils are playing an important role in ensuring edge support similar to how you experience at the center of the mattress. It matches the compression created by the latex foam layer and quilted cover at the edges. However, both of those components would work perfectly to give relief for your shoulders and hip.

Motion Transfer & Cooling

Motion Transfer

When you have a sleeping partner, this becomes real trouble for you as the movements of the other person in sleep can disturb you. While coming to the Nest hybrid mattress, the separately wrapped coils do a great job in cornering the movements isolated in the particular region.

However, with the hybrid latex foam, you might feel slightly disturbed when they wake up in the morning. Therefore, you can conclude that the mattress is producing an average result when it comes to motion transfer.


While coming to the temperature regulation, the hybrid latex mattress does a decent job by creating conditions to sleep cooler. The wool under the cover offers excellent breathing for the entire mattress by controlling the excess of heat or cold and creates an ideal condition for comfortable sleep.

The wrapped coils that are set apart each other also give space for the mattress to come to back normal temperature quickly with the increased airflow. Additionally, the upper Talalay latex foam is another layer that works to ensure a cool sleep for you.

Back Sleeper 8
Side Sleeper 8
Stomach Sleeper 8

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Alexander Nest Bedding Warranty and Trial Period

Nest has gone out of the way to give its customers, nothing but the best. Unlike most other companies, Nest gives a 20-year warranty, on the mattress. The Nest bedding warranty applies only to the original buyer and covers manufacturing defects such as seams coming apart or permanent compression of the mattress that measures over 1 inch.

Try the mattress for 101 nights, and if you aren’t happy with the quality or sleep experience, you can return it for a full refund. The Nest bedding hybrid or any other variant should be tried for at least 30 days on a proper base before you request for a replacement or refund. You will be asked to donate the mattress, and the refund will be issued the same day upon receipt of donation.

Nest Bedding Pricing

If you are on the lookout for a mattress that gives you the flexibility to choose from different firmness levels, the Nest bedding Alexander, is the best bet. It is economically priced and easily available online on stores such as Sleep Swami. Listed below is the prices for the various sizes. You can also get an additional discount when you purchase the mattress from Sleep Swami.

Size Price Price with Sleep Swami Discount
Twin $1199 $1099
Twin XL $1299 $1199
Full $1499 $1399
Queen $1599 $1499
King $1899 $1799
California King $1899 $1799
Warranty – Lifetime | Trial Period – 100 nights

Alexander Mattress Shipping

Purchasing the Nest Mattress is rather simple and hassle free. These mattresses are hand made after the order is placed and can take about a week to reach your doorstep. Nest bedding shipping is free on portals such as Sleep Swami.

Latex Hybrid Coupon:

Save $100 on any Nest Latex Hybrid mattress with code LATEX100

*Discount/promotion cannot be combined with any other offers.


  • Mattress Construction
  • Support Level
  • Cooling/Doesn't Sleep Hot
  • Motion Transfer
  • Off Gassing
  • Trial period
  • Affordability


The Nest Bedding signature series mattress is a really well built mattress. It has great cooling & edge support. This plush and comfortable mattress scores high on comfort too. Every Nest bedding Alexander Signature Series review online will say the same. This is an exceptionally good mattress at an exceptional price and is a great choice for all sleepers. I would definitely recommend this mattress.

Disclaimer: This review contains affiliate links, which means we receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For more details visit the disclosures page.

Latex Hybrid Coupon:

Save $100 on any Nest Latex Hybrid mattress with code LATEX100

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